TubeFixer is a simple package to "fix" the stock YouTube app on iOS 2 through iOS 5.

This does not modify the YouTube app in any way and it does not require Cydia Substrate, as it just adds a line to your hosts file.

Note that TubeFixer may not work correctly on iOS 5.0.x.
It could also break older versions of the App Store YouTube app
Some videos may produce a "You are not authorized" error, most notably the majority of VEVO/music videos.

Version 1.1

+ Added iOS 6.x support

Version 2.0-RC1 (2.0-152+debug) Beta

- Improved compatibility for older iOS versions.
- Fixed Favourites and History tabs
- [Server] Fixed most videos not playing
- [Server] Greatly improved reliability
+ [Server] Added category names
+ [Server] Added "More Videos by User"
+ [Server] Added Google YouTube App authorisation
+ [Server] Added HTTPS relative URLs on capable devices