TubeFixer is a tweak that allows the YouTube stock and App Store apps on iOS 3 through 5 to function again. It also serves as a way to disable the update nag on the iOS 6 YouTube app.

Version 2.0

  • TubeFixer is now a MobileSubstrate tweak!
  • Added HTTPS support for iOS 5.0+
  • Added iOS 4.3+ YouTube App Store support
  • Added iOS 6.x YouTube app support (removes update nag)
  • Removed HTTPS on iOS 3.0-4.3.5
  • Prevents installation on iOS 2.2.1 and lower
  • A bunch of server-side improvements (TubeFixer API v2)
    • Video playback/URL grabbing is now much more reliable
    • Added comments
    • Added "More by user"
    • Added related videos
    • Added channel search
    • Improved "most recent" and "most viewed""
    • Probably much more, that I ended up forgetting.
  • Patched authentication/sign-in process