GuitarHeroLie is a tweak that allows Guitar Hero Live to work on unsupported devices such as the iPad 3.

This tweak should remove the "Device not supported" error message on all non-working devices and allow you to play the game, but it will not allow you to download the game from the App Store when you haven't purchased it previously, and on devices without Bluetooth LE (you can install an IPA however in both of these cases.)

Guitar Hero TV shut down on November 31st, 2018 and this tweak is unable to resolve that issue.

iPad 3

The game opens and plays. No graphical or gameplay issues. Guitar connectivity works, GHTV previously worked pre-shutdown (with some minor video lag) and the full game runs correctly.

iPhone 4s

The game opens and plays. Some areas of the menus are cut off and you need to tap below the on-screen fret buttons while in game for it to register the tap. Guitar connectivity works correctly, and the full game works. GHTV untested, but it is assumed that it did work.

iPad 2

Untested. Guitar connectivity likely will not work (no Bluetooth LE).

Version 1.0

- Initial Release