Version 3.0-beta3-A12+update

  • Fixes iOS 13.3 support.

Version 3.0-beta3

Version 3.0-beta3-A12 is identical to 3.0-beta3.
  • Fixes some bugs
  • Adds an option to force the volume for the video alarm
  • Adds the option to play the video when attempting to shut down when locked
  • Hopefully? fixes preferences graphics bug on iOS 6 and non-retina devices.

Version 3.0-beta2-A12

  • Adds support for A12 devices.

Version 3.0-beta2

  • Adds basic support for iOS 6.
  • Minor changes made to the preferences pane.

Version 3.0-beta1

  • Adds support for iOS 12 and iOS 13.
  • Disables "disable lock button" by default to prevent bugs